Which Indian city is known as ‘The City of Palaces’? (a) Kolkata (b) Hyderabad (c) Mumbai (d) Chennai

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Kolkata has a nickname, the “City of Palaces”. For its Rajbaris, it is renowned. When Kolkata served as the capital of British India from 1700 to 1912, it experienced a wave of feverish construction activity. These structures were heavily influenced by the deliberate blending of the Gothic, Baroque, Roman, Oriental, and Islamic schools of design.

The City of Palaces

  • In contrast to many north Indian towns, where the emphasis in the building is on minimalism, Kolkata’s layout and architectural variation have Western roots.
  • The local English gentlemen and aspirant Bengali Baboo provided design and inspiration for the constructions.
  • The name City of Palaces was given to the central city due to the abundance of palace homes that were constructed there.
  • In Kolkata, The East India Company established its commercial post.
  • It served as India’s capital up until 1911.
  • The British moved India’s capital from Mumbai to Delhi in 1911.
  • The city is home to impressive colonial buildings, art galleries, and cultural events.
  • One of the biggest cities in India is Kolkata.
  • It serves as the main port as well.
  • The Hoogly River’s bank is where the city is situated.
  • The city serves as India’s commercial, cultural, and educational hub.
  • Kolkata serves as the state of West Bengal’s capital.


Which Indian city is known as ‘The City of Palaces’? (a) Kolkata (b) Hyderabad (c) Mumbai (d) Chennai

Kolkata is referred to as the City of Palaces. It is also known for its Rajbaris. From 1700 to 1912, Kolkata had a surge of frenetic construction development as the seat of British India. The intentional merging of the Gothic, Baroque, Roman, Oriental, and Islamic schools of design had a significant influence on these constructions.

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