Which Fuel has Highest Calorific Value?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. LPG
  2. CNG
  3. Hydrogen
  4. Coal

The fuel which has the highest calorific value is Hydrogen. With 150 J/Kg, hydrogen has the highest calorific value.

Fuel that has the Highest Calorific Value

  • The amount of heat generated by the full combustion of a given amount of food and fuel is measured as calorific value.
  • Typically, this is stated in terms of joules per kilogramme.
  • This is constantly under pressure.

The most potential alternative fuel for the future is hydrogen fuel. It has a lot of calories. Additionally, since the only combustion byproduct is water, there is no pollution. It produces approximately twice as much energy as jet fuels. However, it is not utilised as a household fuel for a number of reasons:

Due to the difficulty of obtaining it and the high expense of manufacture. Hydrogen is less common in the environment than other gases. For its manufacturing, procedures like water electrolysis are necessary. This is an extremely time-consuming and expensive operation.

It is difficult to store: The fuel hydrogen is a gas, first and foremost. Gases take up more space since they are less dense. As a result, hydrogen needs a big fuel tank to store it.

Due to hydrogen’s strong explosiveness, using it as fuel for your home poses a serious risk. Even a small spark can result in uncontrolled combustion and large explosions.

It burns quickly, not slowly.

Transport of hydrogen is quite challenging.


Which Fuel has Highest Calorific Value? 1. LPG. 2. CNG. 3. Hydrogen. 4. Coal

Hydrogen has the highest calorific value of 150 J/Kg. Calorific value is the heat generation by complete combustion of the fuel

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