What is the physical state of water at 25oC?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The physical state of water at 25oC is water. At 25oC, water is present in the liquid state. We utilise liquid water every day, and it is in this state. When we consume water at room temperature, or 25oC, it is in a liquid condition.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Water

  • Colorless and tasteless liquid.
  • Compared to other liquids, it has higher specific heat, thermal conductivity, and surface tension.
  • Water is called a universal solvent because most substances such as acids, salts, sugars and gases are easily dissolved.
  • Water has the ability to form azeotropes with other solvents.
  • The electrical conductivity of water is low. However, it can be improved by adding ionic substances to the charge carriers that decompose into ions in the aqueous phase.

Importance of Water

  • Agriculture:

The most important use of water is agriculture. Irrigation is necessary for agriculture and water is a key factor in food production.

  • Drinking:

The human body contains between 50% and 78% water, depending on body size. Humans should drink 7 liters of water daily to avoid dehydration.

  • Health:

plays an important role in digestion and other biological processes that occur within the body. It plays an important role in maintaining the body’s pH balance. It also helps move antibodies away from the immune system.

  • Regulator:

Helps regulate body temperature. Water gives the body the cooling effect it needs.

  • Poisoning:

Water removes harmful toxins from the body through sweating and urination. It prevents the formation of biological waste products.

  • Washing:

Used in the preparation of emulsions and solutions used for washing purposes. As a result, water is a liquid between 0oC and 100oC.


What is the physical state of water at 25oC?

The physical state of water at 25oC is water. Water is a clear, colorless chemical substance that is the main component of rivers, seas, and lakes in the Earth’s crust. It is an essential fluid that plays an important role in sustaining life on Earth.

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