What is the dimension of angular displacement?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) [L]

(B) [LT-1]

(C) [T-1]

(D) Dimensionless.

The angular displacement is dimensionless.  The angle in degrees, radians, or revolutions by which a point spins around a point or axis is known as the angular displacement of a body. The displacement of an object is, to put it another way, the distance it has travelled around a circle divided by its radius.

Measurement of Angular Displacement

It can be calculated using a straightforward formula. The equation is =s/r, where is the angular displacement, s is the body’s journey distance, and r is the radius of the circle it is traveling in.

Dimensional formula: It is a compound statement that explains which fundamental quantities contribute to the creation of the physical quantity in question. The ratio of the arc’s length to the circle’s radius is known as an angle.

  • The angular displacement dimension formula is [L]/[L] = 1, or dimensionless.
  • Thus, it has no dimensions and will not have any units, yet for some reason, radians, a SI unit, have been assigned to it.
  • The degree is yet another unit.


What is the dimension of angular displacement? (A) [L] (B) [LT-1] (C) [T-1] (D) Dimensionless

There is no dimension to the angular displacement. The angular displacement of a body is the angle, expressed in degrees, radians, or revolutions, by which a point revolves around another point or axis.

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