What is meant by gravitational force (or force of gravity)? Give one example.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Any two mass-bearing objects are drawn together by gravitational force. We call the gravitational force.

It is given by: F = Gm1m2/r2

Along the line connecting the two bodies, the direction of the force will always point in the direction of the other mass. It is a force of attraction in nature. It never drives multitudes apart because it always seeks to draw them together.

In reality, everything in the cosmos is tugging on everything else, including you! Larger masses dominate this force, and if two smaller masses are present, the force will be very small and possibly not even be felt. Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation is what it is known.

Gravitational Force

The following are some instances of the power of gravity:

  • the energy holding the gases inside the sun.
  • the power behind a ball’s descent after being thrown into the air.
  • the force that makes an automobile coast downhill even when the gas is not depressed.
  • the force behind a glass you dropped falling to the ground.
  • the force that ensures that the Earth and the other planets are in the correct alignment during their orbits of the sun.
  • the force pushing a child down a slide.
  • the reason for the moon’s rotation around the Earth.
  • the mechanism that keeps Jupiter’s moons orbiting its surface.


What is meant by gravitational force (or force of gravity)? Give one example.

The gravitational force is a force that draws two mass-containing objects together. Glass falling to the ground, a child sliding down a slide, the moon orbiting the earth, and other examples of gravitational force.

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