What is a line intersecting a circle in two points called? (a) Arc (b) Sector (c) Secant (d) Radius

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The line intersecting a circle in two points is called a secant. A circle and a line that crosses at two points.

Arc – A circle’s arc is referred to as a portion or segment of the circle’s circumference. A chord of a circle is a straight line that might be created by joining the arc’s two ends.

Secant – A secant line is a straight line that twice intersects a circle.

Examples of Secant of a Circle

Wherever curves or circles are present in reality, we frequently encounter a secant of a circle. For instance, while building curving bridges, calculating the distance between the circling moon and various points on Earth, and so forth. Secants have a variety of intriguing features that are useful in complex geometric designs.

Arc – A sector is a section of a circle that is made up of both the arc’s endpoints’ radii and a piece of its circumference. The radius of a circle is the line segment formed when a point on the perimeter of a circle is connected to the precise center.


What is a line intersecting a circle in two points called? (a) Arc (b) Sector (c) Secant (d) Radius

A secant is a line that crosses a circle at two distinct points. Secant is the name given to a line that intersects a circle twice. Numerous circle theorems are based on a circle’s secants and intersecting secants.

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