What difference between types of muscle fibers in humans?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The difference between types of muscle fibers in humans is – skeletal muscle tissue is voluntary which is composed of muscle fiber, smooth muscle tissue is involuntarily controlled by the nervous system and cardiac muscle tissue is involuntary. Skeletal muscle tissue, smooth muscle tissue, and cardiac muscle tissue are the three different types of muscle fibers found in humans.

  1. Smooth muscle tissue: Involuntary in action, smooth muscle is the type of muscle used by various systems to apply pressure to organs and blood vessels.
  2. Skeletal muscle tissue: Skeletal muscle is voluntary and connected to the bones. It is involved in the operation of various bodily parts.
  3. Cardiac muscle tissue: Cardiac muscles are the heart’s involuntary, coordinated contraction-producing muscle fibers. These contractions allow the heart to circulate blood throughout the body.

Skeletal muscle tissue

Smooth muscle tissue

Cardiac muscle tissue

The voluntary muscular fibers that make up muscles.

Muscles are uncontrollable, involuntary body parts that the autonomous nervous system regulates.

Muscles are involuntary.

The skeleton is connected to muscles, which aid in movement.

Its purpose is to promote the contraction of the digestive, reproductive, and urinary systems, as well as the blood vessels and airways.

The heart pumps blood via muscles with the help of cardiac contractions.

Muscle cells are multinucleated.

Muscle cells have a single nucleus and are spindle-shaped.

Muscles have one nucleus and are single-celled organisms.

They are composed of granules of glycogen, many elongated mitochondria, and blood arteries.

These are non-striated because the actin and myosin filaments are exceedingly thin and distributed randomly.

Intercalated discs are the junctions that connect the cell ends. Cells are attached by desmosomes.


What difference between types of muscle fibers in humans?

Humans have three different types of muscle fibers: cardiac muscle tissue is involuntary, smooth muscle tissue is controlled by the neurological system, and skeletal muscle tissue is voluntary and made up of muscle fibre.

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