What are the merits of Mendeleev’s periodic table?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The merits of Mendeleev’s periodic table are – new elements production, the gap between elements which gave hypothetical names, and properties similarities are considered with the arrangement of atomic mass. The most important contribution to the early development of the periodic table was provided by the Russian physicist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeléev. Of all the periodic tables that were produced, the Mendeleev periodic table was the most important.

The Mendeleev Periodic Table emerged in 1869, following the rejection of the Newlands Octave Law. In Mendeleev’s periodic table, elements were organised in accordance with their fundamental properties, atomic masses, and chemical properties. Mendeleev’s study was done when just 63 elements were known. Mendeleev studied the characteristics of each element and found a periodic relationship between the properties of elements and atomic mass. When he arranged the elements in this fashion, elements with similar properties fell into the same vertical columns of the periodic table.

Merits of Mendeleev’s periodic table

  • Mendeleev made a prediction about the presence and characteristics of new elements that are similar to boron, aluminum, and silicon.
  • After some elements, he left a void and gave them fictitious names like Eka-Alumium and Eka-Silicon.
  • In the arrangement, he focused more on features that were similar than on atomic mass, for example, Iodine (I), which has a lower weight than Tellurium (Te), but was positioned after it.
  • Beryllium (Be), Indium (In), Gold (Au), and Platinum (Pt) were projected to have erroneous masses based on the periodic properties, leading to a re-estimation of their true masses.


What are the merits of Mendeleev’s periodic table?

Mendeleev’s periodic table has the advantages of producing new elements, closing the gap between elements with fictitious names, and taking into account property similarities with the atomic mass arrangement.

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