What are the advantages and disadvantages of Friction?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The advantage of friction is it is used in automobile brakes in order to stop the vehicle and it is important for us to walk on the earth. The disadvantage of friction is it causes more heat which results in a waste of energy. Friction is the term used to describe the resistance of one object moving relative to another to locomotion.

Advantages of Friction

  • The sole purpose of an automobile’s brakes is to stop the vehicle.
  • It helps us move around on the ground.
  • Prior to actually approaching the entire planet, the friction causes asteroids or stones to disintegrate throughout the atmosphere (Earth).

Disadvantages of Friction

  • Friction wastes energy by producing excessive heat.
  • By implementing practices like lubrication, money is invested in preventing friction as well as the mileage that it results in.
  • Friction slows downshifting movement because it operates in the opposite direction of movement.

Applications of Friction

  • The use of friction is demonstrated by the ignition of matchsticks.
  • Friction is used when pistons move inside a cylinder.
  • Due to the friction between the board and the pen, it is feasible to write on both books and boards.

Causes of Friction

  1. The two items’ uneven surfaces during contact are what generate friction: All surfaces have hills and valleys that link while moving or rubbing against one another as seen at the microscopic level. Such surface anomalies are referred to as surface flaws. While smooth surfaces have fewer abnormalities, rough surfaces have more of them.
  2. Forces of adhesion between surfaces of contact Bonds form and the surfaces begin to stick together whenever two surfaces come into contact. The phenomenon is referred to as adhesion. We gradually weaken the bonds and overcome the adhesive forces, regardless of how many times people try to stack things on top of one another.
  3. The ploughing effect occurs when thin or easily deformed coatings come into contact with another substance.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Friction?

The benefit of friction is that it is utilised in car brakes to stop the vehicle and is necessary for us to walk on the ground. Friction has the drawback of producing additional heat, which wastes energy.

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