Toucans are a type of – (a) Birds (b) Animals (c) Crops (d) Plants

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Toucans are a type of bird. One kind of bird is the toucan. Birds called toucans to have huge, vibrant bills. Mostly in South and Central America can you find them. The family Ramphastidae of Neotropical near passerine birds includes toucans. The American barbets and the Ramphastidae are most closely related. Over forty distinct species are represented in the family’s five genera.

Category of Toucans

Toucans are arboreal birds that normally build their nests with 2 to 21 white eggs. The toucan bill is extremely rarely used as an excavation tool because they build their nests in tree hollows and holes dug by other animals, including woodpeckers. The young hatch from the eggs absolutely naked and without any down.

Because they breed locally rather than migrating, toucans. Typically, toucans live in pairs or small flocks. Scientists believe that they occasionally engage in wrestling and fencing to build dominance hierarchies. Hornbills, an example of convergent evolution, occupy the toucans’ ecological niche throughout Africa and Asia.



Toucans are a type of: (a) Birds (b) Animals (c) Crops (d) Plants

One category of bird is the toucan. They have huge, frequently vibrant bills and are clearly marked.

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