The velocity of an object at any given instant of time is called_____. (a) Instantaneous velocity (b) Variable velocity (c) Average velocity (d) Uniform velocity

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The velocity of an object at any given instant of time is called instantaneous velocity. It is described as the speed of a moving item at any particular moment in time. Option 1 is right, thus. Instantaneous velocity is measured in m/s, the SI unit.

Instantaneous Velocity

An object’s average velocity is calculated by dividing its total displacement by its total travel time. The definition of variable velocity is the change in velocity over time.


The pace at which an object’s position changes in relation to a frame of reference and time is what is meant by velocity. Although it may appear sophisticated, velocity is just the act of moving quickly in one direction. Since it is a vector quantity, the definition of velocity requires both magnitude (speed) and direction. Its SI equivalent is the meter per second (ms-1). A body is considered to be accelerating if the magnitude or direction of its velocity changes.


Motion is the shift in an object’s location with regard to time. Motion can be heard in a book dropping off a table, water running from the faucet, rattling windows, etc. Even the air we breathe has a motion to it! The entire universe is in motion. Our universe is always expanding and contracting.

Motion can be divided into three categories depending on its type, as follows:

  • Moving from one point to another in a straight line or along a curved path is known as linear motion.
  • Rotatory motion is the movement that results from a body rotating around its own axis.
  • The motion of a body about its mean position is referred to as oscillatory motion.


The velocity of an object at any given instant of time is called_____.(a)Instantaneous velocity (b)Variable velocity (c)Average velocity (d)Uniform velocity

Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of an item at any given instant in time. The SI unit of instantaneous velocity is m/s. A body is considered to have constant velocity if it travels the same distance in the same amount of time in one direction.

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