The unit of Stefan Boltzmann constant is – (a) Watt/cm2K (b) Watt/cm4K (c) Watt/cmK4 (d) Watt/cm2K4

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The unit of Stefan Boltzmann constant is Watt/cm2K4. From Stefan’s Law, the radiant energy emitted by an ideal black body per square centimeter per second is precisely proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature.

E ∝ T4

E = σT4

Stefan’s Boltzmann constant is represented by the symbol σ.

Value of Stefan’s Constant and its Applications

The value of Stefan’s constant is 5.67 × 10-8 W/m2 K4. Its unit is W/m2 K4 or W/cm2 K4.

Applications of Stefan Boltzmann Constant

Numerous branches of physics make use of the Boltzmann constant. They include some of the following:

  • This is how the Boltzmann factor is expressed.
  • It has a significant impact on how entropy is defined statistically.
  • It is a term used to express thermal voltage in semiconductor physics.


The unit of Stefan Boltzmann constant is – (a)Watt/cm2K (b)Watt/cm4K (c)Watt/cmK4 (d)Watt/cm2K4

The unit of Stefan Boltzmann constant is Watt/cm2K. Boltzmann, a pioneer of statistical mechanics, The word constant is used to describe how an atom’s energy is distributed.

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