The Susceptance (B) is the imaginary part of _______?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Impedence

(B) Resistance

(C) Conductance

(D) Admittance

The Susceptance (B) is the imaginary part of Admittance. The reciprocal of impedance is admittance. Y = G + jB in admittance, where G is the Conductance which is the Real part of admittance, and B is the susceptance which is the Imaginary part of admittance.

Origin of Susceptrance 

  • In an article published in 1894, C.P. Steinmetz first used the word.
  • Oliver Heaviside is credited with creating the term or with presenting the idea under the name permittance in certain publications.
  • The biographer of Steinmetz contends that this assertion is false. Heaviside never uses the word susceptance in his collected works and instead used the term permittance to refer to capacitance rather than susceptibility
  • The SI unit for susceptibility is the Siemens.
  • The imaginary portion of electrical impedance is known as reactance, which is similar to but not the same as the reciprocal portion of susceptance.

Applications –Susceptors used in microwave-safe food packaging are made of high-susceptibility materials because of their capacity to produce heat from microwave radiation.


The Susceptance (B) is the imaginary part of _______? (A) Impedence (B) Resistance (C) Conductance (D) Admittance

The fictitious component of admission is called susceptibility (B). The opposite of impedance is admission.

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