The strength of a force is usually expressed by its

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(a) Motion

(b) Direction

(c) Interaction

(d) Magnitude

The strength of a force is determined by its Magnitude. A force may be greater or less powerful than another force. The magnitude of a force conveys its strength. The SI unit of force is known as Newton. It is used to express the magnitude of a force.

Strength of a Force

The effect generated by force also changes if the applied force’s amount or direction changes. According to Aristotle, a force is anything that causes an item to move unnaturally. One of the first scientists to explore force and gravity was Sir Isaac Newton. A push or a pull is all that constitutes a force. It might be compared to pushing or pulling on an object.

Here are some of the consequences that the Force can have.

  • A body at rest can be forced to move.
  • It can either slow down or stop a moving body.
  • It can quicken the pace of a moving object.
  • Along altering its size and shape, it can alter the direction of a moving body as well.


The strength of a force is usually expressed by its? (a) Motion (b) Direction (c) Interaction (d) Magnitude

A force’s magnitude often describes how strong it is. The SI unit is Newton which expresses the magnitude. A force of one Newton may propel a one-kilogram item at a pace of one metre per second. Additionally, the force’s direction must be given.

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