The productivity and distribution of plants is heavily dependent on? (a) Water, (b) Temperature, (c) Soil, (d) Light

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The distribution and productivity of plants depend heavily on water. Without water, life cannot exist. The quality of the water is crucial for aquatic life. The parameters used to assess the quality of water are its chemical makeup and pH. Water availability is necessary for plant survival and basic productivity.

Productivity and Distribution of Plants

  • All around the world, civilizations have been molded by the pursuit of water and the development of effective methods for using it to produce crops.
  • When precipitation deficiencies, which are frequently accompanied by high evaporative demand, reduce moisture availability for an extended period in a way that will adversely affect the region’s typical way of life,
  • A drought is rumored to exist.
  • However, drought is difficult to define or measure objectively.
  • In contrast to how drought affects ecosystem processes (productivity, biogeochemical cycles, or structure) ecologically, drought is defined in agriculture as when there is insufficient soil water to support the needs of the local crops.


The productivity and distribution of plants are heavily dependent on? (a) Water, (b) Temperature, (c) Soil, (d) Light

Water has a significant impact on the distribution and productivity of plants. Life cannot exist on earth without water. On Earth, 20% or so of the land is too dry to support agriculture.

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