The organisms which invaded the land first are supposed to be – (a) Plants (b) Animals (c) Bacteria (d) Virus

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The organisms which invaded the land first are supposed to be plants. About 470 million years ago, during the Ordovician epoch of the Paleozoic era, the first terrestrial plants emerged. Life quickly began to diversify throughout this time. The plants were designed to resemble mosses and liverworts, which are primitive thalloid.

  • There is no water vascular system in these plants.
  • The Silurian epoch saw the emergence of the first vascular plants.
  • After plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses live on the land.

Uses of Plants

  • Plants provide us with food in the form of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and flowers.
  • Trees offer us lumber and fuel made of wood from plants.
  • Cotton plants: These plants are the source of our cotton bedding, towels, pillows, and other items.
  • We can use fiber plants to make ropes, jute bags, etc.
  • We get medications from plants – Certain plants have important therapeutic properties. Such plants are known as medicinal plants and are used to make medicines.
  • Plants provide us with rubber, chewing gum, and paper. Rubber comes from rubber plants.
  • Oil from plants – Because the seeds of some plants are oily, oil is extracted from them. This oil has a number of other uses in addition to cooking.
  • Plant-based perfume – Some plants’ flowers are utilised to create fragrances.
  • Plant waste is utilised as manure for the growth of crops.


The organisms which invaded the land first are supposed to be – (a) Plants (b) Animals (c) Bacteria (d) Virus

Plants are said to have been the first species to colonize the land. The earliest terrestrial plants appeared in the Ordovician stage of the Paleozoic era, some 470 million years ago. During this time, life swiftly began to diversity. The plants were made to mimic liverworts and mosses, which are ancient thalloid.

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