The network architecture can be termed ____?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Network architecture can be thought of as the design of a computer network. Network architecture is the way a network of computers is designed. It is a framework for describing the physical components of a network as well as its operational layout and specifications.

What is Network Architecture?

The network architecture also defines the operating principles and processes of the network and the communication protocols used. Client-server and peer-to-peer are the most common network architectures.

Network design involves understanding, evaluating, and scoping the network to be implemented. The entire network design is usually represented as a network diagram, which serves as a blueprint for the physical implementation of the network. Network design typically includes the following:

  • A logical map of the network to be designed
  • Wiring structure
  • Quantity, type and location of network equipment (router, switches, servers)
  • Structure of IP addresses
  • Network security architecture and overall network security processes

The process of creating a network design

  • The network diagram is usually the driving force behind the process of design. It offers a visual representation of network and gathers information like physical connections; the quantity, IP addressing; location and type of all equipment and endpoints; and security processes and architecture. It can help by preparing a site or office plan to map out connections physically.
  • When building a network from scratch, the first step is to compile a list of all assets, users, endpoints, LANs, devices, and other network elements. IT teams enter this information into a network design app to create the first iteration of the network diagram.


The Network Architecture Can be Termed ____?

The network architecture can be termed as the computer network design. The type and Location of Network equipment like routers, switches, and servers are part of Network architecture.

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