The most commonly used flame in gas welding is (A) Neutral, (B) Oxidising, (C) Carburising

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Choose the Correct Answer:

(1) Only A

(2) Only B

(3) Only C

(4) Only A and B

Correct Answer – Only A

The most commonly used flame in gas welding is neutral. Acetylene and oxygen are present in a 1:1 ratio in the neutral flame. Since its flame has a distinct, well-defined, or luminous cone indicating that combustion is complete, it is typically selected for welding.

Most Commonly used Flame in Gas Welding

Most common metals, such as mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, are welded using a neutral flame. Oxygen in excess creates an oxidizing flame. It is solely beneficial for controlling zinc burning when welding brass.

Carburizing flame (Excess Acetylene flame) (Maximum temperature is about 3040°C):

  • It is utilized in non-ferrous metals that do not frequently absorb carbon, low alloy steel, a high carbon steel
  • Aluminum, nickel, and other non-ferrous metals are all-welded using this flame.
  • Additionally, it is utilized for hard-facing steels using satellite rods.

Oxidizing Flame (Excess Oxygen flame) (Maximum temperature is about 3315°C)

  • It is utilized while welding copper, some copper-based alloys, and zinc-based materials.


The most commonly used flame in gas welding is (A) Neutral, (B) Oxidising, (C) Carburising – Choose the Correct Answer: (1) Only A, (2) Only B, (3) Only C, (4) Only A and B

In gas welding, neutral flames are most frequently employed. Acetylene is present in excess in a carburizing flame. It is ideal for starliting (hard facing). Therefore, in gas welding, the neutral flame is most frequently utilized.

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