The molecular mass of H2SO4 is? (H = 1, S = 32, O = 16)

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(a) 98 u

(b) 49 u 

(c) 96 u 

(d) 97 u

The molecular mass of H2SO4 is 98 u. The substance’s molecular formula, which indicates the atoms that make up the compound and how many there are in each molecule using subscripts.

Molecular Mass of H2SO4

  • If the molecular formula is known, one can compute:
    • either molar mass or molecular mass
    • percentage of the compound’s components.
  • The masses of all the constituent atoms are added to determine the molecular mass of any substance. It is the weight of a single chemical molecule.
  • A substance’s molecular mass, or the mass of its 6.022 1023 particles, is referred to as its molar mass.
  • The atomic mass unit, also known as the letter u, is used to denote a unit’s mass.
  • It is possible to calculate the empirical formula, which expresses the formula in the simplest whole-number ratio if the percentage composition and molar mass are known.


  • The compound is: H2SO4
  • Molecular mass of H = 1, S = 32 and O = 16
  •  Add the masses of all the constituent atoms Hydrogen, Sulphur, and Oxygen to calculate the molecular mass of H2SO4.
  • So, the molecular mass of H2SO4 is: 2 × 1 + 32 + 4 × 16 = 98 u.


The molecular mass of H2SO4 is? (H = 1, S = 32, O = 16). (a) 98 u (b) 49 u (c) 96 u (d) 97 u

98u is the molecular mass of H2SO4. The mass of a given molecule is referred to as molecular mass. The unit to measure the molecular mass is Dalton. The molecular mass of different molecules of the same compound may be different because of different isotopes.

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