The electric appliances in a house are connected ____?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) In series

(B) In parallel

(C) Either in series or in parallel

(D) Both in series and in parallel

The electric appliances in a house are connected in parallel. A home appliance is a device that helps with household chores including cooking, cleaning, and food preservation. It is also known as a domestic appliance, an electric appliance, or a household appliance.

Benefits of Electric Appliances 

In a residential circuit, many electrical devices are linked in parallel. We have mentioned the benefits of electric appliances such as:

  • All other electrical appliances continue to function normally even if one stops working owing to a flaw.
  • Each electrical device has a separate switch that allows it to be turned on or off without affecting other devices.
  • The voltage applied to each electrical device is the same as the voltage in the power supply line.

History of Appliances

Despite the fact that many appliances have been around for centuries, self-contained electric or gas-powered appliances are a twentieth-century invention that is exclusively American. The decline of full-time domestic helpers and the desire to cut back on time-consuming tasks in order to have more leisure time are factors that contributed to the development of this equipment.

The little electric clothes iron created by Earl Richardson in 1903 offered the home appliance sector a minor first boost. The residential use of dishwashers and clothes dryers was part of a shift toward convenience during the Post-World War II economic development. A growth in miscellaneous household expenses indicated rising discretionary income.


The Electric Appliances in a House are Connected ____? (A) in series (B) In parallel (C) Either in series or in parallel (D) Both in series and in parallel.

A home’s electric appliances are linked in parallel. Numerous electrical appliances are connected in parallel on a household circuit. In a parallel connection, the supplied voltage is equal to the potential difference across each appliance.

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