The Dual System of Government in Bengal was the brainchild of __?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Lord Hastings

(B) Lord Ripon

(C) Lord Clive

(D) Lord Cornwallis

The Dual System of Government in Bengal was the brainchild of Lord Clive. In 1765, Robert Clive was appointed as Bengal’s first governor. Robert Clive came up with the Dual System of Government in Bengal in 1765. The governance of Bengal was split into two halves under this system: Diwani and Nizamat.

Dual System of Government in Bengal

Diwani translates as he corporation has been granted the permission to collect revenue. Nizamat denotes that the Nawab received administrative rights. In Bengal, the Dual System of Government was abolished in 1772 by Warren Hastings. Earlier, it was implemented by lord clive.

Lord Hastings (1813-1823): Adopted a war and interventionist agenda. Governor Thomas Munro introduced the Ryotwari settlement to Madras. British-Nepali War (1813-1823). Anglo-Maratha War III (1817-1818). Putting an end to Pindaris (1817-1818).

Lord Ripon (1880-1884): Viceroy is referred to as The Popular Viceroy.Ripon conducted the first official census of India in 1881. In 1882, Ripon appointed the Hunter Commission. In 1882, he gained notoriety as the Father of Local Self Government Act. The vernacular Press Act was repealed in 1882. Some points related to Lord Ripon are mentioned below:

  • In 1882, Ripon created the Hunter Commission to modernize education.
  • During the 1883 Ilbert Bill Controversy, the viceroy.
  • The viceroy increased the Civil Service’s upper age limit from 19 years to 21 years.

Lord Cornwallis (1786-1793): In 1793, he declared the Permanent Settlement of Bengal. He is referred to as the Father of Indian Civil Services. District Judges are a position he established.


The Dual System of Government in Bengal was the brainchild of __? (A) Lord Hastings (B) Lord Ripon (C) Lord Clive (D) Lord Cornwallis

Lord Clive was the original creator of Bengal’s Dual System of Government. Due to this, the Bengal government was divided into two different parts: Diwani and Nizamat. Lord Hastings ended this government in the year 1772.

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