The combustion in a compression ignition engine is _______?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Heterogeneous

(B) Homogeneous

(C) Laminar

(D) Turbulent

The combustion in a compression ignition engine is heterogeneous. When air and fuel are properly combined at the time of combustion, homogeneous compression ignition occurs. However, until the point of combustion, air and fuel are not combined in a heterogenous combustion engine.

Types of combustion

Let’s now examine the different kinds of Combustion.

  • Complete combustion: When the reaction occurs in the presence of plenty of oxygen, the chemicals are fully combined with oxygen. As a visible byproduct of these processes, heat and light are produced.
  • Incomplete combustion: Incomplete combustion is the reaction that takes place when there is not enough oxygen present, which prevents compounds from burning entirely. Due to these reactions, soot is left in the container, and carbon monoxide, an atmospheric pollutant, is also created.

Some instances of combustion include

  • Sulfur being burned in the air
  • a hydrogen explosion in the atmosphere
  • Wax candle burning
  • burning of gasoline in a car’s engine
  • natural gas being burned in a bunsen burner
  • A bush fire occurs when fuels such as wood and cellulose burn with oxygen.

Only air is compressed in CI engines or diesel engines before the fuel is introduced at the very end. Therefore, there is no adequate mixing before combustion occurs. Heterogeneous combustion engines are what the CI engines are.


The combustion in a compression ignition engine is ________. (A) Heterogeneous (B) Homogeneous (C) Laminar (D) Turbulent

Heterogeneous combustion occurs in a compression ignition engine. Homogeneous compression ignition takes place when the air and fuel are appropriately mixed during burning.

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