The BIS code which deals with steel structures is – (a) BIS: 456 (b) BIS: 800 (c) BIS: 875 (d) BIS: 1893

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The BIS code which deals with steel structures is BIS: 800. IS-456 Plain and reinforced concrete best practices. IS 800: Code of Practice for General Steel Construction. Wind Loads on Buildings and Structures – IS 875. IS 1893: Criteria for Designing Structures to Resist Earthquakes.

BIS Code

BIS is India’s standards body and reports to the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Food and Public Distribution. This was introduced by the Indian Bureau of Standards Act, which came into force on 12th October 2017. The minister in charge of the department or division that administers BIS is the ex-officio President of BIS. It has more than 500 scientific staff who act as officers certified, secretaries to technical committee members, and his OIC in the lab.

This organization was the Indian Standards Institute (ISI) established under the Ministry of Industry and Supply Resolution of 3rd September 1946. ISI was registered under the 1860 Societies Registration Act.

The new BIS Act 2016, notified on 22nd March 2016, came into force on October 12, 2017. The law establishes the BIS as the Indian National Standards Body.

As a national standards body, it has 25 members from federal or state governments, scientific and research institutions, industry, and consumer organizations. It is headquartered in New Delhi, with regional offices in East Kolkata, South Chennai, West Mumbai, North Chandigarh, and Central Delhi regions and 20 branches. It also serves as the WTO TBT inquiry point for the country.


The BIS code which deals with steel structures is – (a)BIS: 456 (b)BIS: 800 (c)BIS: 875 (d)BIS: 1893

BIS: 800 is the BIS code for constructions made of steel. IS 800 is the code of Practice for General Steel Construction.

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