Stress Concentration in Static loading is more serious in _____?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Brittle material

(B) Ductile material

(C) Equally serious in both cases

(D) Depends on other factors

In static loading, Stress concentration is more serious than in brittle material. The simple stress distribution is no longer valid once a machine component alters the form of its cross-section and the area around the discontinuity differs.

What is Stress Concentration?

Stress concentration refers to this irregularity in the stress distribution brought on by sudden changes in shape.

Stress concentration factor (Kt): It is described as the ratio of the nominal stress at the same section based on net area to the maximum stress in the same member (at a notch or fillet).

Mathematically, Kt = maximum stress/ nominal stress.

The value of Kt depends upon the material and geometry of the part.

In static loading, Because local deformation or yielding occurs in ductile materials, which lowers the concentration, stress concentration is not as severe as it is in brittle materials. In brittle materials, cracks may develop at these localized areas of stress, raising the overall stress in the section.

In cyclic loading: Because the ductility of the material is ineffective at reducing the stress concentration brought on by cracks, surface roughness, flaws, or any sharp discontinuity in the geometric shape of the member, stress concentration in a ductile material is always a major issue.

A crack may form under the influence of repeated loads if the stress at any point in the member exceeds the material’s endurance limit, and the crack will eventually cause the member to fail.


Stress concentration in static loading is more serious in ____? (A) Brittle material (B) Ductile material (C) Equally serious in both cases (D) Depends on other factors

 In static loading, Stress concentration is more serious than in brittle material.

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