State any five physical properties of metals and five physical properties of non-metals.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The physical properties of metals are – it is ductile and malleable, good conductors of electricity and heat, and is lustrous in nature. The physical properties of non-metals are – it is brittle in nature, bad conductors of electricity and heat, and nonlustrous.

Five physical properties of Metals

The following are the physical qualities of metals:

  • Metals are ductile and malleable.
  • Metals are efficient heat and electrical conductors.
  • Metals can be polished and are lustrous (shiny).
  • Metals at normal temperature are solids (except mercury, which is liquid).
  • Metals are resilient and powerful.

Chemical Properties of metals

  1. prone to corrosion
  2. possible electron loss
  3. creating basic oxides
  4. possess a low electronegativity
  5. Good reducing substances

Five physical properties of Non-metals

  • The non-metal world is fragile. They are neither ductile nor malleable.
  • Non-metals are poor heat and electrical conductors (except graphite).
  • Non-metals are dull and cannot be polished because they lackluster (except iodine).
  • At room temperature, non-metals can exist as solids, liquids, or gases.
  • Non-metals lack both toughness and strength.

Chemical properties of non-metals

  1. In the outer shell, there are typically 4 – 8 electrons.
  2. simple acquisition or loss of valence electrons
  3. whenever they come into touch with oxygen, they produce acidic oxides.
  4. Extremely electronegative substances
  5. excellent oxidizers


State any five physical properties of metals and five physical properties of non-metals.

Metals have ductile and malleable physical characteristics, are excellent heat and electricity conductors, and are naturally shiny. Non-metal physical characteristics include brittleness, poor heat and electrical conductivity, and lack of luster.

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