Solve: 7m + 19/2 = 13

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The value of m in 7m + 19/2 = 13 is 1/2. Steps to find the value of m:

Step 1: Changing the constants on one side of the equation

The given expression is 7m + 19/2 = 13

A positive integer turns negative when it is moved to the opposite side of the equation.

7m = 13 – 19/2

Step 2:Taking the LCM of the denominator to solve the RHS

7m = 13 – 19/2

In simplification we get the:

7m = (26 – 19)/2

7m = 7/2

Step 3: Putting the variable’s coefficient on the right side

m = 1/7 x 7/2

m = 1/2

Relation between HCF and LCM

The two key mathematical methods are LCM and HCF. The least common multiples (LCM) of two or more numbers are discovered using this method, whereas the highest common factor (HCF) is discovered using this method. A method to determine the smallest common multiple between any two or more numbers is called the least common multiple (LCM). A multiple of two or more other numbers is referred to as a common multiple. However, the following formulas can relate to both:

  • LCM(a,b) = a × b / GCF(a,b)
  • GCF(a,b) = a × b / LCM(a,b)

Where a and b are the two numbers.


Solve: 7m + 19/2 = 13

The value of m in 7m + 19/2 = 13 is 1/2. LCM is used to find the smallest common multiple of any two numbers.

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