Red Data Book contains a record of – (a) endangered species (b) extinct species (c) flora (d) fauna

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Red Data Book contains a record of endangered species. Red Data Book maintains a list of all species, plants, and animals that are in peril. It is a list of the species that are imperiled by extinction. Species that are threatened with extinction because of a sudden, fast drop in their number or the loss of a vital habitat are considered to be endangered.

Red Data Book

An organism that faces extinction is referred to as an endangered species. Indirect threats to species might also result from development. Animals that are extinct are those whose species are no longer alive. This category contains both contemporary species like the dodo and extinct ones like dinosaurs and ice-era mammals. All plant life is referred to as flora, and all animal life is referred to as fauna.

Advantages of Red Data Book

  • It aids in identifying all types of animals, birds, and other creatures, as well as their state of conservation.
  • It is employed to assess the status of a specific species’ population.
  • The information in this book can be used to assess the taxa on a worldwide scale.
  • This book can help us calculate the likelihood that a taxon will go extinct globally.
  • gives a plan or instructions for putting conservation measures in place for endangered species.

Disadvantages of Red Data Book

  • The Red Data Book only contains a partial list of information. In this book, many species—both extinct and current—are not updated.
  • The source of the data in the book has been the subject of conjecture and heated debate.
  • This book has a comprehensive list of all species of animals, plants, and other organisms, however, it contains no information about microorganisms.


Red Data Book contains a record of – (a) endangered species (b) extinct species (c) flora (d) fauna

An inventory of threatened species can be found in Red Data Book. All endangered plants, animals, and species are listed in Red Data Book. It is a list of the species whose extinction is imminent.

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