10 Awesome Reasons to Join Defence Forces

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

When you think about Defence Forces, it first comes into mind “Why should we serve the defence forces“. To help you out with this, we are explaining here 10 solid and awesome reasons to Join Defence Forces.

Being a part of the defence forces is one of the most prestigious and respected positions in the country.

Young aspirants who aspire to choose a career full of excitement, challenges and adventure can join the defence forces which will meet all their expectation.

Today we will discuss as to why one should join the defence forces. This will give you a brief insight into the most challenging and exciting job in the world.

Also, many aspirants who are preparing for SSB Interview can take ideas and compose an answer fit to there choice, when the Interviewing Officer asks them the same.

10 Awesome Reasons to Join Defence Forces

1. Lifestyle:

When it comes to lifestyle the defence forces is unmatched. As you know a healthy mind resides into a healthy body. Regular exercise and proper routine keep a soldier physically fit and active during his working age. In addition to this, each day is exciting and filled with dynamism. In army one may get the opportunity to ride a tank, while in the Navy, the sea is your love, while in the Indian Air Force, you get to ride the fastest machine of them all, jets & aircraft.

2. Serving Motherland:

Each person serves the motherland in his own way and contributes to the growth & development but a soldier serves his country at the cost of his life, guarding the border be it extreme heat or cold. His grit and will to protect his motherland is above everything.

3. Job Security:

Having a government job is the best thing for us in an economy where nothing is certain because we will never be asked to leave a government job. There are no pay cuts in the best of all and only increases throughout our lives. Whether the economy falls or rupee falls, no one from a government job will be sent home unemployed.

4. Uniform:

The Uniform of the defence force is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating attributes of the soldier. The glamour of the uniform, badges add a sense of pride in the person.

5. Further Opportunities:

The armed forces always promote the growth and well-being of its men. If you are a sportsperson, then the armed forces provide you with ample opportunities to grow and develop yourself in that area. If you want to go for higher education the armed forces provide you with the leading institutes from which you can pursue your education.

6. Facilities & Perks:

The armed forces not only takes care of you but also your family. There are several facilities that one enjoys:

  1. Free Accommodation for the family.
  2. Medical Facility with best doctors of the armed forces
  3. Canteen Facility
  4. Educational Facility with the provision of scholarship for meritorious students

7. Post-Retirement Options:

The armed forces train you in such a manner that even after retiring if one wishes to join any private job he can easily make a smooth transition. There are many leadership courses in the armed forces which are greatly valued by the private organisation as they are eager to recruit a person who knows how to generate the most output out of a limited number of resources.

8. Travel Opportunities:

The armed forces give you a total of 60 days of leaves which you can utilize any way you want. In addition to this, you are a leave travel concession (LTC) which will bear your travelling cost during the leave. Also with defence, you are given an opportunity to see different, in India as well as Outside India as it is a transferrable job.

9. Leadership:

There is no job in this world that would give you an opportunity to showcase your leadership where you lead men into that battlefield and on your one command these soldiers are ready to kill and destroy the enemy.

One can have all the money in the world, but one cannot experience anything like this.

10. Armed Forces – a life less than ordinary

The Indian Armed Force is the nation’s last hope at the peak of any problem. This, in turn, increases the experience and teaches ways of dealing with the rarest situation that anyone faces in a lifetime. For anyone, it’s a great learning experience.

In the end, I would like to say that, the armed forces are the most thrilling career in the world. It has an experience that only a few enjoy and tell its tales to all. I would say it is India’s most exciting workplace.

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