Process is: (a) contents of main memory (b) a job secondary memory (c) a program in execution (d) program in High level language kept on disk

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Process is a program in execution. A computer software instance that is being run by one or more threads is known as a process. It includes the programme code and all of its operations. As a result, the process is a programme that is being run.

Why Process is a Program in Execution?

  • A process may consist of many threads of execution that carry out instructions simultaneously, depending on the operating system.
  • When a programme is launched under UNIX and some other operating systems, a process is launched (either by a user entering a shell command or by another program). 
  • A process, like a task, is a running programme that has a specific set of data associated with it so that it may be monitored. A shared application typically has one process running for each user at some point throughout its runtime.
  • A process can start a child process, often known as a subprocess (and the initiating process is sometimes referred to as its parent ). A child process shares some resources with its parent process and is a copy of the latter, but it cannot continue to function if the latter is terminated.
  • Through many forms of interprocess communication, processes can exchange data or coordinate their operation ( IPC ).


Process is: (a) contents of main memory (b) a job secondary memory (c) a program in execution (d) program in High-level language kept on disk

A program in execution is a process. The computer software that is run by one or more threads is called a process. An instance of software running on a computer is called a process. The term ask, which is used in various operating systems, is similar in meaning to this.

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