Mention the Hazards of Working in the Glass Bangles Industry

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The hazards of working in glass bangles industry is – welding condition, temperature of furnace will be high and improper ventilation. The light conditions will be low so without using eye gear will make them blind.

Welding is performed by the underpaid glass bangle employees in potentially dangerous industrial environments. They operate in furnaces that are extremely hot and have inadequate ventilation. They become blind from working continuously in dim light without any safety goggles. Even burns and wounds happen frequently. The employees are very vulnerable to illnesses like lung cancer.

Types of Glass

  1. Annealed glass: It is the purest and most fundamental type of glass. Since it is created during the annealing phase of the float process, it is sometimes referred to as float glass. The primary material used to create different types of advanced glass is annealed glass.
  2. Heat Strengthened Glass: It is a semi-tough glass that is used to add additional toughness to resist wind pressure or thermal stress. In the construction of buildings, they are perfect for use in glass for doors, tub, and shower enclosures.
  3. Toughened Glass: It is robust by nature and also referred to as tempered glass. Glass fractures into tiny, sharp pieces that resemble square shards and are potentially dangerous. It is frequently utilized in fire-resistant doors and mobile screen protectors.
  4. Laminated Glass: It is the most typical kind of glass, consisting of two sheets of glass separated by a plastic interlayer. It is extensively employed in the automotive sector to create cars. Glass that has been laminated doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces. If the glass breaks, it remains embedded in the plastic layer and is difficult to break.


Mention the Hazards of Working in the Glass Bangles Industry

The risks of working in the glass bangles business include poor ventilation, high furnace temperatures, and welding conditions. Without eye protection, they will go blind because the lighting conditions would be poor.

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