List Ten Uses of Plants

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The plants are used in medicine as a natural source. Few plants are source of oxygen and food. Extracts from plants provide paper, color pigments, oil and adhesives. Condiments and spices are used for flavoring in food.

One of the most important living things on the planet is the plant. They have enormous advantages for both humans and animals. They generate oxygen, which is necessary for living things to survive. Animals can find shelter in trees, which also have health benefits. Overall, many plant components play a variety of roles.

Top Ten Uses for Plants

  • The natural source of medication is plants. Tulsi, Neem, Aloe Vera, Asparagus, Turmeric, etc. are a few examples.
  • A food source are plants.
  • Fruits, leaves, roots, tubers, seeds, and stems are only a few of the edible portions of plants.
  • An organic source of oxygen is plants.
  • They stop contamination of the air.
  • Rainfall in the region is increased by plants.
  • For domesticated animals utilised in animal husbandry, plants are used as food.
  • Adhesives, oil, colour pigments, and paper are all made from plant extracts.
  • Bark and wood are used to create incense sticks, furniture, and other decorative items.
  • Spices and other condiments used as flavouring agents are produced by plants.
  • Cotton, jute, and other types of garment materials can be made from plants.
  • Plants keep the soil’s structure and nutrients intact and stop soil erosion.


List Ten Uses of Plants

The plants are used as a natural source for medical purposes. Only a few plants provide food and oxygen. Plant extracts are used to make paper, oil, colour pigments, and adhesives. Spices and condiments are used to flavour cuisine.

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