How to prepare a 1N HCl solution in 100 ml?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

1N HCl solution can be prepared by adding 8.33mL in 100 L of water. We know that the Normality of HCL is 12N

By using the formula

N1V1 = N2V2

N1 = 12N

V1 = ?

N2 = 1N (Given)

V2 = 100 ml

By changing the variables in the formula above, we obtain

12 X V1 = 1 X 100

V1= 8.33mL

If we add 8.33mL in 100 L of water we get 1 N HCl.

Limitations of using Normality

Many chemists employ normality in acid-base chemistry to acquire more precise answers or to get around using mole ratios in calculations. Although normalcy is frequently utilized in precipitation and redox processes, it has certain drawbacks. These restrictions include the following:

  • Other than the aforementioned circumstances, it is not a suitable unit of concentration. Since the units are unclear, molarity or molality would be preferable.
  • There must be a known equivalence factor for normality.
  • It is not a value that has been established for a specific chemical solution. The chemical reaction will have a big impact on the value. One solution can really include various normalities for various reactions, which clarifies the situation further.

Uses of HCl

  1. Creation of Organic Substances
  2. Making Inorganic Compounds
  3. Getting rid of metal stains
  4. production of oil
  5. Table salt purification and pH control

Uses of HCl in daily life

  1. from starch, the creation of glucose and maize sugar
  2. sugar from cane is refined
  3. making gelatin and glue
  4. making synthetic plastics and rubber
  5. cleaning of table salt
  6. manufacture of aqua regia for the dissolution of precious metals like platinum and gold.


How to prepare a 1N HCl solution in 100 ml?

8.33mL of 1N HCl can be made by mixing it with 100 L of water. Hydrochloric acid helps the body to break down food like calcium, and digest them. It eliminates stomach viruses and bacteria, which protects the body from infection.

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