How to Join National Security Guard NSG & Be a Black Cat Commando?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

How to Join National Security Guard NSG & Be a Black Cat Commando: The Special Forces elite of India is among some of the world’s most powerful military units. These badass units are rigorously trained and equipped for handling, supporting, and carrying out special operations. They can manage almost any hazardous scenario without breaking a sweat. One such special force is the men in black, who are swift as thunder and lethal as a knife. These are our brave commandos of the National Security Guard. In this article, know the important details regarding NSG Commando height requirement, selection process, & training.

What is the National Security Guard?

The National Security Guard (NSG) is the organization that deals with counter-terrorism in India. Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) unit. It was created in 1984, after Operation Blue Star, o fight terrorist activities aimed at protecting countries from inner disturbances.

Why was NSG created?

NSG was created as a Federal Contingency Deployment Force to tackle all facets of terrorism in the country. It is intended to be used only in exceptional situations as a specialized counter-terrorism force and is not intended to take over the functions of the State Police Forces or other Para-military forces.

The NSG is trained to perform counter-terrorism duties to include land, sea, and air hijacking activities; bomb disposal (searching, detecting, and neutralizing IEDs); PBI (post-blast investigation), and hostage rescue missions.

How to Join National Security Guard NSG & Be a Black Cat Commando?

How to Join NSG?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to join the elite force. There is a certain criterion laid down for the selection as an NSG Commando.

The most important prerequisite to joining the NSG is to be a part of an armed force that includes the Indian Army & Central Armed Police Force (CRPF, SSB, CISF, ITBP, BSF).

The National Security Guard is composed of three parts:

  1. Special Action Group (SAG)
  2. Special Ranger Group (SRG)
  3. Special Composite Group (SCG)

Special Action Group is the NSG’s principal offensive strike wing. Its members are exclusively drawn from the Indian Army. They are tasked with counter-terrorist & counter-hijacking operations.

Special Ranger Group is the force that is deployed to protect VIPs/VVIP’s. Its members are drawn from both Indian Army, Central Armed Police Force, and State Police.

Special Composite Group is NSG’s offensive team that is deployed for tackling counter-terrorist operations. It is deployed for carrying out the counter-terrorist operation in 5 regions – Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Gandhinagar.

How to Join National Security Guard NSG & Be a Black Cat Commando?

Selection Criteria for NSG:

Phase 1: Pre-Selection Criteria

Phase 2: Selection & Initial Qualification Training

Phase 3: Advanced NSG Training

Phase 1: Pre-Selection Training:

The MHA has laid down certain pre-selection criteria for recruiting NSG Commandos in the force:

  1. Service Experience Factor – A minimum of 3 yrs in Indian Army & 5 yrs in case of Police
  2. Age Criteria – The candidate must be less than 35 yrs
  3. Physical Standards
  4. Medical Standards
  5. Service Report

This merely is the shortlisting criteria to become an NSG commando. In addition to this, several Psychological tests and Physical tests are carried out to check the suitability of the candidate as a commando. NSG Commando height requirement, the candidate must be an Indian citizen with a minimum height of 157 cm. The National Security Guard is made up of the same soldiers who are physically and psychologically fit.

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Phase 2: Selection & Initial Qualification Training

There are two phases of training the basic and advanced training course.

Training takes about 14 months and is provided at the National Security Guard Training Center in Manesar, Haryana, about 50 km from New Delhi. The first three months (90 days) are dedicated to fundamental NSG training, while advanced training lasts for nine months.

Physical training is reported to be provided through 26 elements during fundamental NSG training, ranging from a cross-country obstacle course to jumping from heights and across divisions and scaling distinct terrain types. An endurance test reportedly includes martial arts at the end of an obstacle-ridden cross-country run and target shooting. This is intended to measure the candidate’s efficiency under stress and exhaustion circumstances.

How to Join National Security Guard NSG & Be a Black Cat Commando?

Selection is challenging and the dropout rate is from 70% – 80%.

Phase 3: Advanced NSG Training

Advanced training lasts for 9 months and includes the following:

  • Unarmed combat and knife combat
  • Demolition and bomb disposal techniques
  • Surveillance and intelligence gathering
  • Rapid and reflex shooting, and mirror shooting
  • Specialised infiltration techniques

How to Join National Security Guard NSG & Be a Black Cat Commando?

Only those applicants who finish the 14-month training effectively are inducted into the NSG and provided additional specialized training. Some NSG staff are sent for advanced combat training to Israel.

Upon graduation, soldiers usually serve 3-5 years with NSG before returning to their parent organization.

Who are Phantom Commandos in NSG?

The best of the elitist NSG are chosen and sent to an unrevealed location to train among the best and latest practices to make them live up to their name – Phantom.

Phantom commandos are selected for very high-risk situations where failure is not an option.

How to Join National Security Guard NSG & Be a Black Cat Commando?


Being an NSG Commando is an opportunity that only a few get. They believe in their Motto – Omnipresent, Omnipotent security which enables us to sleep peacefully at night. They live for the nation and are like guardian angels who protect the country from unknown threats.

Jai Hind.

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