How to Improve Defence Exams Learning Skills through Mind Maps?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A visual representation of a large amount of knowledge and components into systematic diagrams with the help of images, cause and effect representation link and flow chart can be termed as Mind Map. Mind maps are very important tools to sharpen your skills and memorize things better. It has been proven that study using mind maps increases the chances of success in competitive examinations like NDA, CDS, CAPF, SSC, etc.

How to Improve Defence Exams Learning Skills through Mind Maps?

How to Improve Defence Exams Learning Skills through Mind Maps?

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Benefits of using Mind Maps for Defence Exams

  • A better understanding of the topic: As discussed above, mind maps reduce the size of notes. One can summarize big topics in a single mind map. Representation of all components (constituents) and cause and effect analysis in one single diagram increases the analytical ability and understanding of the topic.

How to Improve Defence Exams Learning Skills through Mind Maps?

  • Retention and recall: It has been proved by multiple studies that any information is seen in the pictorial form and structural manner is easy to retain for a longer time. When information is retained in the mind in a structured form, it is easy to recall that information using the links shown in the pictorial form.
  • Quick revision: As suggested by the toppers, revision is the key to success in competitive examinations. Most of the time, it becomes impossible to revise a huge syllabus in a short time span before the examination. As mind maps reduce the size of personal notes, they can prove to be a most useful tool for quick and timely revision.
  • Innovative and solution-oriented thinking: As a mind map have cause and effect linkage, it helps students to understand the problem and causes of problems related to that particular topic. Understanding problems and causes of problems help in finding solutions. It develops a solution-oriented optimistic approach in a student.
  • Interdisciplinary approach: Nowadays, the question has been asked in the competitive examination which requires an interdisciplinary approach. As mind maps create a clearer picture of any topic, it avoids any confusion and helps students to analyze any particular topic with multiple perspectives.
  • Planning and writing answers/essays (Important for CAPF exam): Drawing mind maps develop the skill of structure formation for writing answers and essays. In addition to this, drawing a mind map help students to remember headings and sub-headings of any topic. While writing an answer/ essay, the student just has to explain these heading and sub-headings.
  • Brainstorming and Concentration: So as to draw a mind map requires the establishment of links between two subtopics and cause and effect, it forces students to analyze the topic in depth. It increases the mental involvement which in turn increases the concentration level of students.

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