Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by _____. (a) Reflection (b) Conduction (c) Radiation (d) Convection

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by radiation. The vibrations of molecules or atoms increase when a body’s temperature rises. From one area of the body to another, these vibrations are then transmitted. The amount of energy that a system’s molecules vibrate with is referred to as its stored heat.

Traveling of Sun’s Heat to Earth

According to the definition of heat, it is the movement of energy from a warm item to a cooler one. The flow of heat energy is in the direction of moving from a substance with a higher temperature to one with a lower temperature. This is due to the fact that faster-vibrating molecules pass their energy on to slower-vibrating ones. Its heat content is another name for vibrational energy. The body is either hot or chilly depending on its level of heat.

Heat can move through three different mechanisms: conduction, convection, and radiation.

  • Because there is no medium to allow heat to travel between the two bodies, conduction and convection are not conceivable.
  • The planet receives heat from the sun’s emissions of energy in a variety of wavelengths thanks to radiation.

The following categories apply to heat:

  • Objects with a high heat content are considered to be hot (The hotness or coolness of an object is a relative term is always measured with respect to a reference object).
  • Low heat content things are referred to as cold objects. An object’s hotness or coolness is always measured in relation to another object known as the reference object.

There are many sources of heat, but the following are the main sources of heat:

  • Sun
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Nuclear


Heat from the Sun reaches the Earth by _____. (a) Reflection (b) Conduction (c) Radiation (d) Convection

Radiation from the Sun causes heat to reach Earth. When a body’s temperature rises, molecules’ or atoms’ vibrations become more pronounced. These vibrations are then transferred from one part of the body to another. The term stored heat refers to the quantity of energy that causes a system’s molecules to vibrate.

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