Give examples of the effects of force.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Examples of the effects of force are – pushing a box that is at rest, catching a moving ball and making it stop, and changing the motion direction of the cricket ball once the batsman hits the ball. Force is characterized as a physical quality that has the power to alter the body’s shape and speed.

Effects of force with Examples

  1. It has the power to move an immovable item. For instance, moving a box that is resting on a table causes it to move.
  2. A thing in motion can be stopped. A moving ball is being caught and brought to a stop on your hand.
  3. It has the power to alter a moving object’s speed. An example would be pushing harder on the peddle to accelerate a bicycle.
  4. It has the ability to shift a moving object’s course. Changing the direction of the cricket ball’s motion after the batsman hits it is an example.
  5. It has the power to alter an object’s size or shape. An illustration would be to squeeze toothpaste to alter its form.

Types of Force

  • An object’s state of motion or dimensions can change as a result of force, a physical cause. Based on their uses, forces can be divided into two categories:
  • A body can be affected by contact forces either directly or indirectly through a medium.
  • Non-contact forces are ones that work through voids and don’t make direct contact with the body.


Give examples of the effects of force.

Examples of the consequences of force include pushing a box that is at rest, catching a ball that is moving and bringing it to a stop, and changing the trajectory of a cricket ball after the batsman hits it.

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