Finite state machine can recognize language generated by _____.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

  1. Only context-free grammar
  2. Only context-sensitive grammar
  3. Only regular grammar
  4. any unambiguous grammar

The finite state machine can recognize language generated by only regular grammar. Finite automata often referred to as a finite state machine, is a type of computational model that can be used to simulate issues in a variety of domains, including artificial intelligence. Because it has a finite amount of internal memory, it is also known as a finite automaton.

language recognised by Finite state machine

It can only be in one of several distinct states at any given moment, and it changes states in response to input.

Option 1: Language produced by context-free grammar can be recognised by Push Down automata.

Option 2: Language produced by context-sensitive grammar can be recognized by linear bounded automata.

Option 3: A finite state machine is capable of understanding language produced by the standard grammar.

Option 4: A grammar with no ambiguity, or one that only has one left or rightmost derivation for an input text, is said to be unambiguous.

A mathematical model of computation is known as a finite-state machine (FSM), finite-state automaton (FSA; plural: automata), finite automaton, or simply a state machine. It is an abstract machine with a finite set of possible states at any given moment.

As a result of some inputs, the FSM can transition from one state to another, which is referred to as a transition. A list of an FSM’s states, its starting state, and the inputs that cause each transition are used to define it. Deterministic and non-deterministic finite-state machines are the two types of finite-state machines. Any non-deterministic finite-state machine can be converted into a deterministic equivalent.

Therefore, the finite state machines accept-language produced by regular grammar.


Finite state machine can recognize language generated by _____. (a) Only context free grammar (b) Only context sensitive grammar (c) Only regular grammar (d) any unambiguous grammar

Only language produced using standard grammar may be recognised by finite state machines. A sort of computer model known as a finite automaton, sometimes known as a finite state machine, can be used to simulate problems in a number of different fields, including artificial intelligence.

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