Find out which part of a sentence has an error corresponding to the appropriate letter a), b) and c). If the sentence is free from error then mark d). The Government had decided a) / to decrease the prices b) / for rice and wheat c) / No error. d)

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(1) A

(2) B

(3) C

(4) D

The portion of the sentence that corresponds to the correct letter(s) a), b), and c) is error-free. As the sentence is in the past perfect tense, answer option A is correct. Thus, it is appropriate to use the word “decided.” 

B is correct because the word o is used to denote the goal. C contains a mistake because the word for refers to the person or thing that anything is done for. In this case, the word of should be used to denote the items whose prices will rise.


There are no mistakes in the section of the sentence that starts with the letters a), b), and c). Answer option A is valid since the sentence is in the past perfect tense. It is okay to use the word decided in this situation.

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