Fastest means of communication is ___. (a) newspaper (b) telegram (c) letter (d) telephone

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The fastest means of communication is the telephone. Telephones allow two or more people in remote locations to hear each other clearly and directly. A phone converts sound, which is usually the most effective human voice, into an electrical signal and transmits it over cables and communication channels to another phone, which then plays the sound back to the user. The word comes from the Greek tle, far, and v, voice, which together denote distant sounds. The term is sometimes abbreviated as “telephone” and is the first in the history of telephones.

Fastest means of Communication

The first person to receive a US patent in 1876 was Alexander Graham Bell. He has developed a machine that can clearly reproduce human speech on another device. Many people continued to improve this tool and it quickly became an essential part of homes, businesses, and governments are the two basic components of A listener, which is usually held by the mouth and ear while speaking, incorporating both a receiver and a transmitter. The sound can be heard on the receiver and possibly on the speaker. The phone allows two-way communication at the same time.

Most phones also have an alarm function. B. A ringtone or visual signal alerts the user to an incoming call. The most common way to make a call is by using a keyboard or dialer attached to your device. A telephone number is the telephone address of the recipient of a call in a telecommunications network, but in the early days of telephony, there was another possibility.


Fastest means of communication is ___.(a) newspaper(b) telegram(c) letter(d) telephone

The telephone is the fastest means of communication. The telephone, invented in 1796 by Gottfried Huth, was the first communication system to use the term. Huth proposed an alternative to Claude Chappe’s optical telegraph in which the signaling tower operators would shout at each other using what he originally referred to as speaking tubes, but are now more commonly known as enormous megaphones.

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