Earth resistance does not depend on ______?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Operating time

(B) Depth of Earth Electrode

(C) Moisture

(D) Temperature

Earth resistance does not depend on operating time. The resistance between the earth and the earth electrode is the earth’s resistance is dependent on three things (1) The earth electrode’s resistance (2)The resistance of contact between the electrode surface and the ground (3) The soil’s resistance depends between the electrode and the earth.

How is Earth Resistance Measured?

The earth electrode is inserted into a number of locations to provide earthing connections. A metal pipe or conducting plate that is connected to the earth makes up an earth electrode.

Various materials, including copper, aluminium, steel, and galvanised iron, are employed in the construction. The earth resistance is influenced by a number of variables, including soil composition, temperature, moisture content, and electrode depth. By earthing a circuit, leakage current can safely exit the circuit and is connected to an automatic cutoff mechanism (which ensures power supply).

Soil’s Resistance Depends on

A soil’s electrical conductivity, or resistivity, is mostly electrolytic in nature, or due to electrolysis. Therefore, a soil’s resistivity is mostly determined by the concentration of water, salt (NaCl), and other chemical components in the soil. The soil’s chemical composition. The soil’s temperature. Moisture, particularly damp soil, is ideal for earthing purposes. To obtain a consistent, moist soil depth, it is standard procedure to introduce an earth electrode well below the surface of the ground.


Earth resistance does not depend on ______? (A) Operating time (B) Depth of Earth Electrode (C) Moisture (D) Temperature

The depth of the ground electrode, moisture content, and temperature all affect earth resistance, although operation time has no bearing. That’s why Option A is correct, and all the other options are wrong.

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