Difference between: (a) Pure and impure substances (b) Homogeneous and heterogeneous substances

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(a) Pure substances contain definite chemical and physical properties and composition whereas impure substances are made of two or more substances mixed in any proportion.

(b) Homogeneous mixtures have uniformly distributed mixtures whereas heterogeneous mixtures have non-uniform mixtures.

Part (a) – Difference between Pure and impure substances

Pure substances:

  • Pure materials have a known composition as well as known physical and chemical characteristics.
  • All pure substances are homogenous, meaning that the majority of them have a constant composition.
  • Sharp melting and boiling points are characteristics of pure substances.
  • Examples: gold, copper, oxygen

Elements – Because they only contain one kind of atom, elements are referred to as pure substances. Currently, the periodic table has around 118 elements.

Compounds are created when multiple elements combine chemically in a predetermined ratio. Chemical reactions can change pure molecules into brand-new substances.

Impure substances:

  • Two or more pure substances combined in any ratio create an impure compound.
  • They can either be homogeneous or heterogeneous, meaning that the bulk of their makeup is not the same.
  • They are all mixtures.
  • Examples: air, seawater, petroleum, and a solution of sugar in water are all impure substances.

Part (b) – Difference between Homogeneous and heterogeneous substances

  • When the elements that make up a combination are evenly distributed throughout the mixture, the mixture is said to be homogenous.

Example: Air, Sugar water, Rainwater.

  • A mixture is considered heterogeneous if any of its constituent parts are not uniform or have distinct localised zones.

Example: Cereal in milk, Vegetable soup.


Difference between: (a) Pure and impure substances (b) Homogeneous and heterogeneous substances

(a) While impure substances are formed of two or more substances blended in any proportion, pure substances have specific chemical and physical properties and composition.

(b) In contrast to heterogeneous mixtures, homogeneous mixtures have evenly distributed mixtures.

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