Density of mild steel is _______ kg/m3. (a) 10,200 (b) 7,860 (c) 9,010 (d) None of these

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Density of mild steel is 7680 kg/m3. Density is defined as the mass per unit volume. i.e. ρ = m/V

where ρ = Density, m = Mass, V = Volume

SI unit of density is kg/m3. The density of mild steel is 7860 kg/m3. Mild steel commonly referred to as “low carbon steel,” is a form of carbon steel with a little proportion of carbon. The average quantity of carbon in mild steel is between 0.05% and 0.25% by weight, though ranges might vary depending on the source, whereas higher carbon steels are often defined as having a carbon content between 0.30% and 2.0%. Cast iron would be the category for the steel if any more carbon were added.

Density of Materials

The density of some important materials is listed below:

  • Tungsten – 19300 kg/m3
  • Copper – 8940 kg/m3
  • Mild steel – 7850 kg/m3
  • Aluminium – 2710 kg/m3

Here are some properties of mild steel:

  • Mild Steel is low-carbon steel.
  • The ultimate tensile strength of Mild Steel – (600 – 800) N/mm2
  • The ultimate compressive strength – (800 – 1200) N/mm2
  • The specific gravity of Mild Steel – 7.85 (7.7 – 7.9)


Density of Mild Steel is _____ kg/m3. (a) 10,200 (b) 7,860 (c) 9,010 (d) None of these

7680 kg/m3 is the density of mild steel. Density is the mass per unit volume and can be written as ρ = m/V.

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