Define rancidity.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

When fats and oils stay in open for a long, they get oxidized and become rancid (old and stale), and their smell and taste change. This process is known as rancidity. In extruded products, two main rancidification processes have been identified. The presence of certain enzymes catalyses the enzymatic rancidity process (examples are peroxidases and lipases).

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Define Rancidity

Usually, the heat treatment that these enzymes undergo during extrusion is enough to kill them. However, if components that contain these enzymes are kept in their unprocessed or raw form, they will go rancid before being extruded and will have byproducts of rancidity that will affect flavour and odour. When the seed coat is broken for many components (particularly whole seeds), it is crucial to heat treat the ingredient as soon as possible since this activity releases the rancidity-causing enzymes.

Oxidation is the second rancidity-causing mechanism. Heat, ultraviolet radiation, heavy metals, and oxygen are the catalysts for the chemical reaction that causes oxidative rancidity. It is evident that several of these elements are present during the extrusion process. The greatest way to prevent oxidative rancidity is to include antioxidants and oxygen scavengers. Although there may be some small degradation during the process depending on the duration and temperatures used, the majority of antioxidants are added before extrusion. Utilizing natural antioxidants, including rosemary, mixed tocopherols, and other uncommon substances, are becoming more popular. Oxygen scavengers and antioxidants are frequently used together as an antioxidant bundle. Ascorbic acid and citric acid are examples of oxygen scavengers that seem to boost the efficiency of antioxidants.


Define rancidity.

Long-term exposure to the air causes fats and oils to oxidize, turn rancid (old and stale), and change flavour and aroma. We call this process rancidity. If the raw ingredients are processed right away after milling, extrusion is particularly good at reducing enzymatic rancidity.

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