CDS History Syllabus 2023: History Preparation Tips, PDF

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

When studying for the exam, going through the CDS History Syllabus is a difficult task. As you can see, each aspirant has his or her method of learning History. Yes, there are a large number of people who never research this and instead attempt questions by guessing or using trial-and-error methods. It’s difficult to understand the History syllabus for CDS because it’s so diverse, and the more we read, the more we learn.

Here we have provided an article for candidates about how to learn the CDS History syllabus the best way possible in order to grab a smart score in the exam.

CDS History Syllabus 2023

The following is a list of the most important CDS History Syllabus topics. Go over these first, then move on to the others. Candidates can quickly become bored and disinterested if they do not know about the History syllabus for CDS Exam.

CDS History Syllabus for Ancient India

The most significant CDS History syllabus of Ancient India topics are listed below:

  • Periodization of Indian Prehistory – the Early Iron Age-related concepts.
  • Some archaeological terms.
  • Everything regarding the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • Vedic Texts, Puranas, Aranyakas, Brahmanas, Shastras, etc.
  • Religious movements – Jainism (know all the Tirthankaras).
  • Mauryas & their Administration (know about King Ashoka).
  • The Sangam Texts.
  • Everything related to the Gupta Empire.
  • Hindu Samskaras, ancient Indian languages & literature.

CDS History Syllabus for Medieval India

The most significant CDS History syllabus of Medieval India topics are listed below:

  • Major dynasties of North India.
  • Cheras, Cholas, etc. of South India.
  • Temple Administrations.
  • Origin of Islam.
  • Mahmud Ghori & his invasions.
  • Everything regarding the Delhi Sultanate.
  • Everything related to Muhammad bin Tughlaq, Alauddin Khalji, Firoz Tughlaq.
  • The Lodhi dynasty.
  • The Vijayanagara Empire & other provincial dynasties.
  • Everything related to Mughals (learn all the Mughal emperors & their reforms).
  • The Brave Maratha rulers, the Afghans.

CDS History Syllabus for Modern India

The following is a list of the major CDS History syllabus of Modern India topics:

  • The Carnatic Wars
  • Anglo-Maratha Wars
  • Anti-Sikh Riots
  • The East India Company Rule
  • The Drain Theory, Colonialism.
  • The commercialization of agriculture.
  • Impact of Western Education introduction.
  • Rise of social & religious reform movements.
  • The 1857 Revolt, movements by the Trade Unions.
  • Establishment of INC (Indian National Congress).
  • Moderates & Extremists.
  • Economic Nationalism (i.e. the Swadeshi movement)
  • Home Rule Movement.
  • Khilafat & NCM (Non-Cooperation Movements).
  • CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement).
  • Quit India Movement.
  • Subhash Chandra Bose & INA.
  • Rise of Muslim League.
  • Partition of India & Independence.
  • Everything concerning the Indian Constituent Assembly.
  • The Nehru’s Vision.
  • Industrialization & Agrarian Reforms.
  • The policy of Non-Alignment, Panchsheel, etc.
  • Wars with Pakistan.
  • Everything related to India’s involvement in UNO.

Important Points Regarding CDS History Syllabus

The following are the things to keep in mind while preparing the CDS History syllabus:



Keep track of your notes

PDFs play a vital role in your preparation. Make smaller our out of the large PDFs. If you write it down, you will remember it. Writing and keeping short notes on these key topics is the best way to learn & memorize them.

Keep in mind the timelines

This is extremely important for you. Write the names of all significant events that occurred in a chapter alongside the dates or years. This will help you maintain a new degree of competence.

Put a checkmark next to a subject you’ve completed from the list above

Take time to appreciate yourself. Try your hand at some questions or take mocks after you have studied a particular topic. This will be very beneficial to you, as it will help you boost your confidence.

The real meaning of History

History’s true sense is His – Tale, which means he story of somebody, anything, or something whole. It’s a plot. So hold it in the form of a novel. Learn our past as if it were a book as if it were being told to you. It will be enjoyable for you.

It’s easy to get out of a rut

One method a candidate can use is to imagine that you have been appointed by the Government of India to review and discuss the contents of the book you have. Isn’t it amusing? But what can one do? Unless you feel like you are in control, you won’t be motivated to get things done. This is a psychology-proven form. It may seem absurd, but it does work. When you’re learning something about Parliament, pretend you’re an MP. Then you’ll think to yourself, Oh! As a result, the cops are unable to apprehend me. Wow, that was incredible. You are immune to a lot of things!?” and imagine yourself as a hero when researching Modern Indian History (You imagine yourself as Subhash Chandra Bose,) Then you’ll get a sense of it.

You can’t just focus on one thing

As a result, keep track of how long each part of your training takes. Allow enough time for Math, Politics, Economics, and other subjects that are relevant to your test. History is one of these things: if you don’t know it, you’ll be bored; if you do, you won’t want to quit it. History piques your curiosity and gives you a sense of social shifts. It will instill in you a mindset of seeing things in their ‘true’ light. So powerful and yet so vast.

Tips to Prepare History Syllabus for CDS

Here are the following preparation tips for the CDS History syllabus:

  • It takes more than a year to learn Indian history and know all there is to know about it. However, it will take 6 months to master some main chapters and become familiar with the most frequently asked exam questions.
  • It will take a considerable amount of time. Our history does take time, unless and until you are also learning it as a core topic for your graduation.

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