Briefly Describe The Central Idea Of The Poem Wind.

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The central idea of the poem is it symbolizes problems and obstacles that we all face and go through at some point in our lives. The challenges faced by the poet in every part of life are explained briefly. The central idea of the poem wind is: The poem “Wind” represents the issues and challenges that we all encounter and go through from time to time in our lives.

As obstacles are a part of every human being and frequently come upon us, poets encourage us to face them. Therefore, we should have the strength to bravely face all of life’s difficulties and obstacles.

What is Wind?

It is a direction and speed-dependent air movement. In contrast to rain and snow, it consists of gusts and eddies that can only be felt. Trees wave, leaves fall, hair flies, sand moves, etc. due to wind. A weathercock or weather vane is a common piece of equipment used to measure wind direction because it cannot be seen.

Types of wind:

Permanent winds that blow from east to west are known as trade winds. It circulates across the equatorial part of the planet (between the 30°N and 30°S latitudes).

Easterlies: A wind that typically blows from the east. Easterlies are the predominant wind direction in the polar areas and the trade winds in tropical regions.

Westerlies are the dominant winds, which blow eastward from the west. Between 30 and 60 degrees latitude on Earth, it is in motion. These winds, also known as anti-trades, originate from high-pressure regions in the horse latitudes and generally guide extratropical cyclones in this direction.


Briefly Describe The Central Idea Of The Poem Wind.

The poem’s main premise is that the difficulties and challenges we all encounter and go through at some point in our lives are represented by these. The difficulties the poet encounters in every aspect of life are briefly explained.

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