Bases are ______ in taste. (a) Salty (b) Sweet (c) Bitter (d) Sour

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Bases are bitter in taste. Acids have a sour flavor. Although carbs are the source of sweetness, other substances can also have a sweet flavor. Different theories were put out by Bronsted-Lowry, Arrhenius, and Lewis to categorize substances as Acids or Bases. Water and salt are the byproducts of the reaction between acids and bases.

Acid/Base Concept

Bases are ionic substances that dissolve in water to form negative hydroxide (OH) ions. However, what are ions? Ions are atoms that acquire or lose electrons, causing them to change into charged particles. Sodium hydroxide, or NaOH, is an illustration of a base. It releases sodium (Na+) ions and negative hydroxide (OH) ions when it dissolves in water. The following equation serves as a representation of it:

NaOH →H2O + OH− + Na+

Acid/Base Concept

Acid Properties

Base Properties


Gives H+ in an aqueous medium.

Gives OH- in an aqueous medium.


Accepts electrons lone pair.

Donates electrons lone pair.


Gives out H+.

Accepts H+.


Bases are ______ in taste. (a) Salty (b) Sweet (c) Bitter (d) Sour

Bases have a bitter flavor whereas acids have a sour flavor. An ionic compound is one that is kept together by an ionic bond and contains both a positive metal ion and a negative nonmetal ion.

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