A turbine is a device which converts_____?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Hydraulic energy into mechanical energy

(B) Mechanical energy into hydraulic energy

(C) Kinetic energy into mechanical energy

(D) Electrical energy into mechanical energy

A turbine is a device which converts Hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. An apparatus or mechanism known as a turbine transforms hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Usually, this technology is used on big dam projects.

Types of Turbine

There are various types of turbines exist, and their work process and use are different. Below we have explained the types of turbines:

Impulse Turbine: A turbine is referred to as an impulse turbine if the only energy present at its input is kinetic energy. Pelton wheel turbine, as an example.

Turbines with the tangential flow: In this form of the turbine, water strikes the runner in a direction that is perpendicular to the wheel. Consider the Pelton wheel turbine.

Reaction Turbine: A turbine is referred to as a reaction turbine if the water entering it has both kinetic and pressure energy. Francis and Kaplan turbines, for instance. Water flows through an axial flow turbine in a direction parallel to the shaft’s axis, as in the Kaplan turbine. 

Turbines with the radial flow: The water is struck radially in these turbines. Consequently, it is further categorized as:

(1) Inward flow turbine: A centrifugal turbine in which the flow is inward from the perimeter to the center.

(2) Outward flow turbine: From the center to the perimeter, the flow is outward (centrifugal type). For example- the Fourneyron turbine.


A Turbine is a device which converts_____?

Using a turbine, hydraulic energy can be transformed into mechanical energy. It is one of the useful scientific tools that is used to make physical work easy. High flow of water or high speed wind into other form of energy.

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