A plot between rainfall-intensity versus time is called?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Isohyet

(B) Mass curve

(C) Hyetograph

(D) Hydrograph

A plot between rainfall-intensity versus time is called Hyetograph. A hyetograph is a graph that shows how much rain falls over time. Rainfall intensity builds up over time, reaches a peak, and then gradually declines.

Explain Hyetograph

A depth-area-duration (DAD) curve illustrates the spatial properties of a downpour. The fundamental or raw data can be studied and processed to provide usable information in the form of curves or statistical values for use in the design of water resources development projects if enough rainfall records for the area have been gathered.

Analysis of the temporal and spatial distribution of storm rainfall is necessary for many hydrologic problems. To ascertain the maximum amounts of rainfall over various durations and across areas of different sizes, depth-area-duration (DAD) analysis of a storm is performed.

The mass curve is a visual representation of total precipitation over time. From the flow hydrograph of a stream for a significant number of consecutive prior years, a mass curve of inflow can be created.

The double mass curve is used to assess how consistently rain falls in a specific area. To examine variance over a single curve, the current mass curve is shown and compared with earlier data.


A plot between rainfall-intensity versus time is called? (A) Isohyet (B) Mass curve (C) Hyetograph (D) Hydrograph

Hyetograph refers to a plot of rainfall intensity vs time. A graph called a hyetograph depicts the amount of rainfall over time. Over time, rainfall intensity increases reach a peak, and then progressively decreases.

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