A Paragraph on Wild Animals with 100 Words

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The wild animals are those which live in the forest. Bear, deer, lion, tiger and elephant are the major wild animals which play an important role in balancing the environment.

Animals that live in forests are considered wild animals. Normally, these creatures are not domesticated. Elephant, tiger, lion, deer, bear, and other large wild creatures can be found in India. Wild animals play a crucial role in maintaining environmental harmony. They give various natural processes in nature stability. All ecosystems, the desert, rain forests, plains, and other places are home to it. Various wild creatures can be seen in the Indian forests. The ecological balance of the environment and the stability of the food chain are both supported by wild animals. These creatures provide us with useful materials and wild animal goods including ivory, leather, honey, and tusks. We should defend untamed creatures.

Conservation of Wildlife

A very significant and essential component of our environment is wildlife. A few of the arguments supporting the significance of animal protection are listed below:

  1. More than one-third of our pharmaceutical demands are met by wild plants, which are significant for their medicinal properties. The necessities for the large-scale production of antibiotics and other medications for therapeutic uses, together with the potential for medical science and technology advances, are provided by forests.
  2. Sustaining global temperatures, which thwarts the greenhouse effect and, in turn, prevents the sea levels from rising quickly, aids in maintaining the health of our ecosystem.
  3. The interconnectedness between plants and animals is very important to maintain ecological balance.
  4. Economic significance: Fossil fuels obtained from forests aid in the nation’s economic expansion, which in turn helps to raise living standards.
  5. conserves biodiversity: These vast forests are a haven for thousands of different species.
  6. Wildlife-associated microorganisms participate in nitrogen fixation, which raises soil fertility levels.


A Paragraph on Wild Animals with 100 Words

The creatures that are wild are those that dwell in the forest. The main wild creatures that contribute significantly to maintaining the balance of the environment include bears, deer, lions, tigers, and elephants.

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