A device which converts BCD to seven segment is called ______?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Encoder

(B) Decoder

(C) Multiplexer

(D) Demultiplexer

A device that converts BCD to seven segments is known as decoder. Decoders are logic circuits with many outputs and inputs that convert coded inputs into coded outputs. The mapping between the input code and the output code words is one to one. Binary decoders have n-bit binary input codes and one of their two output codes are activated.

Decoder is the name of a gadget that transforms BCD into a seven segment display. A visual representation of the output states of digital ICs is provided by seven segment displays. Because of their BCD format, these outputs cannot be used to directly drive seven-segment displays. Decoders are employed as a result.

Types of Decoders- We have discussed the types of Decoders below.

Line Decoder- The line decoder is a typical form of decoder that converts an n-digit binary integer into 2n data lines.

2-to-4 Line Coder- The 2-to-4 line decoder is just a little bit more complicated.


A device which converts BCD to seven segment is called ______? (A) Encoder (B) Decoder (C) Multiplexer (D) Demultiplexer

Decoder is the name of a device that converts BCD to seven segments. Coded inputs are transformed into coded outputs by decoders, which are logic circuits with numerous inputs and outputs.

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